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Amsterdam, Unidentified house _KLM Miniature n.1
Amsterdam, Unidentified house
Amsterdam, Unidentified house _KLM Miniature n.2
Amsterdam, Unidentified house
Amsterdam, Unidentified house _KLM Miniature n.3
Amsterdam, Unidentified house
Amsterdam, Unidentified house _KLM Miniature n.4
Amsterdam, Unidentified house
Amsterdam, Unidentified house _KLM Miniature n.5
Amsterdam, Unidentified house
Amsterdam, Unidentified house _KLM Miniature n.6
Amsterdam, Unidentified house
Amsterdam, Unidentified house _KLM Miniature n.7
Amsterdam, Unidentified house
Amsterdam, Unidentified house _KLM Miniature n.8
Amsterdam, Unidentified house
Amsterdam, Unidentified house _KLM Miniature n.9
Amsterdam, Unidentified house
Amsterdam, Unidentified house _KLM Miniature n.10
Amsterdam, Unidentified house
Amsterdam, Unidentified house _KLM Miniature n.11
Amsterdam, Unidentified house
Amsterdam, Unidentified house _KLM Miniature n.12
Amsterdam, Unidentified house
Amsersfoort, Kamp 10 D'Gekroonde _KLM Miniature n.13
Amsersfoort, Kamp 10 D'Gekroonde Bye-korf The Crowned Beehive Built in 1687
Heerengracht 510 _KLM Miniature n.14
This Heerengracht 510 House of the Two Sea-gods Built in 1688 Amsterdam, Heerengracht 510
Dordrecht Unindentified house _KLM Miniature n.15
Dordrecht Unindentified house Gable style typical of that found in Dordrecht's Hofstraat and Voorstraat Built in 17th century
Haarlem,Houtmarkt 17 _KLM Miniature n.16
Haarlem,Houtmarkt 17 Built between 1708 and 1724
Amsterdam, Unidentified house _KLM Miniature n.17
Gouda unidentified house Gable style prevalent in city during the mid-17th century
Gracht 111 Cleijn Fresenburg _KLM Miniature n.18
Utrecht.Oude gracht 111 Cleijn Fresenburg Little Fresenburg Built in 1569 Restored in 1926
Leiden,Raapenburg _KLM Miniature n.19
Leiden,Raapenburg 31 Built in 1664
The Edam Museum _KLM Miniature n.20
This Edam, Damplein 8 The Edam Museum Built in 1550 Restored in 1895 Amsterdam, Heerengracht 510
Delft, Markt 47 _KLM Miniature n.21
Delft, Markt 47 Built in the 16th century Upper part renewed in 1880

Veere, Kaai 25-27 _KLM Miniature n.22
Veere, Kaai 25-27 Het Lammeken The Little Lamb Built in 1539 Veere,Kaai
Pijlsteeg 31 _KLM Miniature n.23
Amsterdam, Pijlsteeg 31 De Gekroonde Wildeman The Crowned Wild Man One-time proeflokaal (tasting bar) of the Wijnand Fockink distillery Built around 1679 Veere,Kaai
Alkmaar, Mient 31 _KLM Miniature n.24
Alkmaar, Mient 31 De Kroon The Crown Built in the mid-16th century
Gouda, Spieringstraat _KLM Miniature n.25
Gouda, Spieringstraat 1-3 Built as an orphanage in 1642 Restored in 1973
The Hague _KLM Miniature n.26
The Hague, Nieuwe Uitleg 16 Built in the 18th century
Rotterdam, Nieuwe Haven _KLM Miniature n.27
Rotterdam, Nieuwe Haven 59 Prinsenhof Prince's Court Built in 17th century
_KLM Miniature n.28
Groote Markt 2a, Rotterdam In Duizend Vreezen
Leiden, Korte Galgewater _KLM Miniature n.29
Leiden, Korte Galgewater Stadstimmerwerf City wood wharf Built in 1612
Delft, Hippolytusbuurt _KLM Miniature n.30
Delft, Hippolytusbuurt 26 Built in the 18th century
Delft, Koornmarkt 87 _KLM Miniature n.31
Delft, Koornmarkt 87 Built in 1916 Delft, Koornmarkt 87
Delft, Koornmarkt 81 _KLM Miniature n.32
Delft, Koornmarkt 81 Built shortly after 1536 Restored in 1911
DRotterdam, Voorhaven 12 _KLM Miniature n.33
Rotterdam, Voorhaven 12 Museum de Dubbelde Palmboom The Double Palm Tree Museum Built in 1826 Rotterdam, Voorhaven 12
DDelft, Wijnhaven 16 _KLM Miniature n.34
Delft, Wijnhaven 16 Het Vergulde Tonneken The Gilted Barrel Built shortly after 1536
Delft, Oude Delft 39 _KLM Miniature n.35
Delft, Oude Delft 39 Built in 1631 Extended in 1722 Delft, Oude Delft 39
Delft, Hippolytusbuurt 8 _KLM Miniature n.36
Delft, Hippolytusbuurt 8 Built in the mid-17th century Rebuilt in 1948
Amsterdam, Oude Zijds _KLM Miniature n.37
Amsterdam, Oude Zijds Voorburgwal 300 Stadskredietbank City Credit Bank Built in the early 17th century Amsterdam,
">Heerengracht 607 _KLM Miniature n.38
Heerengracht 607 Built in 1670
Hindelopen, Nieuweweg 12 _KLM Miniature n.39
Hindelopen, Nieuweweg 12 Built in the 17th century
Keizersgracht 104 _KLM Miniature n.40
Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 104 De Rode Hoed The Red Hat Built shortly before 1630
Leeuwarden, St. Jacobsstraat 13 _KLM Miniature n.41
Leeuwarden, St. Jacobsstraat 13 Built in 1635 Rebuilt in 1706 Restored in 1928
Prinsengracht 514 _KLM Miniature n.42
Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 514 Built in the late 17th century Rebuilt in 1720, 1922 and 1980
Prinsengracht 516 _KLM Miniature n.43
Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 516 Built in 1865
Leiden, Hooglandse _KLM Miniature n.44
Leiden, Hooglandse Kerkgracht 19 Built in 1583 Rebuilt around 1620
Keizersgracht 140 _KLM Miniature n.45
Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 140 Built in 1670 Rebuilt following a fire in the 19th century
Begijnhof 27 _KLM Miniature n.46
Amsterdam, Begijnhof 27 Built in the 17th century
Prinsengracht 263 _KLM Miniature n.47
Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 263 The Anne Frank House Built in 1635 Rebuilt in 1739
Jodenbreestraat 4-6 _KLM Miniature n.48
Amsterdam, Jodenbreestraat 4-6 Museum 'Het Rembrandthuis' Built in 1606 Rebuilt with classical pediment after 1660 Restored in 1906
Friesestraat 42 _KLM Miniature n.49
Coevorden, Friesestraat 42 Built between 1605 and 1610 Rebuilt in 1765 and 1908
Rozengracht 106 _KLM Miniature n.50
Amsterdam, Rozengracht 106 The Bols Tavern Built in 1650 Restored in 1958
Voorstraat 49 _KLM Miniature n.51
Franeker, Voorstraat 49 Built in 1662 Restored in 1964
Herengracht 415 _KLM Miniature n.52
Amsterdam, Herengracht 415 Built in 1666 Gable rebuilt in 1890
Herengracht 203 _KLM Miniature n.53
Amsterdam, Herengracht 203 Built around 1618 Restored in 1920 and 1973
Prinsengracht 773 _KLM Miniature n.54
Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 773 Built around 1655 Restored in 1976
Oude Sluis 19 _KLM Miniature n.55
Schiedam, Oude Sluis 19 Het Zakkendragershuisje Sack-carriers'house Built in 1725 Restored in 1966
Herengracht 64 _KLM Miniature n.56
Amsterdam, Herengracht 64 De Werelt The World Built around 1630 Rebuilt in 1716
Herengracht 95 _KLM Miniature n.57
Amsterdam, Herengracht 95 De Ster The Star Built before 1616 Rebuilt in the late 18th century Restored in 1969
Herengracht 101 _KLM Miniature n.58
Amsterdam, Herengracht 101 Built in 1625 Rebuilt in 1871
Herengracht 163 _KLM Miniature n.59
Amsterdam, Herengracht 163 Het Vat The Barrel Built before 1632 Rebuilt in 1721
_KLM Miniature n.60
Keizersgracht 439 _KLM Miniature n.61
Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 439 Built in 1683 Rebuilt in 1895
Prinsengracht 305 _KLM Miniature n.62
Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 305 Built around 1616 Restored and rebuilt in 1970
Keizersgracht 407 _KLM Miniature n.63
Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 407 Built in 1665 Rebuilt in the early 19th century
Keizersgracht 755 _KLM Miniature n.64
Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 755 Built around 1700 Gable rebuilt in 1906
Keizersgracht 487 _KLM Miniature n.65
Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 487 De Sparreboom The Spruce Tree Built in 1670
Keizersgracht 403 _KLM Miniature n.66
Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 403 Built in 1669 Rebuilt in 1949
Prinsengracht 721 _KLM Miniature n.67
Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 721 Built around 1750
Prinsengracht 969 _KLM Miniature n.68
Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 969 Built in 1690
Keizersgracht 319 _KLM Miniature n.69
Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 319 Built in 1639
Koningsstraat 4 _KLM Miniature n.70
Alkmaar, Koningsstraat 4 Built shortly after 1865
Singel 81 _KLM Miniature n.71
Amsterdam, Singel 81 Built around 1900
Singel 87 _KLM Miniature n.72
Amsterdam, Singel 87 Built around 1730 Ground floor later altered
Dijk 11 _KLM Miniature n.73
Alkmaar, Dijk 11 De Posthoorn The Post-horn Built as an inn around 1575
Reguliersgracht 7 _KLM Miniature n.74
Amsterdam, Reguliersgracht 7 Built in the 17th century Rebuilt several times
Hofweg 9-11 _KLM Miniature n.75
The Hague, Hofweg 9-11 Former KLM Headquarters Built in 1914
The Little Street _KLM Miniature n.76
This house is featured on the famous painting The Little Street by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (1632 - 1675)
Breda Auberge _KLM Miniature n.77
Breda Auberge de Arent The Golden Eagle Inn
Leidsegracht 51 _KLM Miniature n.78
Amsterdam, Leidsegracht 51 Built in 1671
Schiedam _KLM Miniature n.79
Schiedam This Schiedam-typical building was home to Distillery Melchers
Gravenstraat _KLM Miniature n.80
Amsterdam, Gravenstraat (near Dam Square) De Drie Fleschjes The Three Little Bottles Built in 1650
Groningen, Goudkantoor _KLM Miniature n.81
Groningen, Goudkantoor Replica of the Goudkantoor (Gold Office), which still stands on the Grote Markt in Groningen. Built in 1635, the Goudkantoor is an example of early 17th century architecture with a splendid facade in the style of the Dutch Renaissance. For many years the building was used as a tax office where gold and silver objects were weighed, inspected and given a hallmark. Nowadays, the Goudkantoor has been converted into a cafe-restaurant of the same name.
Maastricht _KLM Miniature n.82
Maastricht, Huys on the Jeker The 82nd house, located in Maastricht and known locally as the 'Huys on the Jeker', was built sometime around 1665 on a bridge that spans the narrow Jeker River. The Huys on the Jeker was originally the home of the rector of the 'Grauwzusters', an order of Augustine nuns that lived in a convent behind the rector's house. The building is characteristic of Renaissance-period architecture in the Maas valley. The building now serves as a private residence.
672 Keizersgracht _KLM Miniature n.83
This 83rd house in the KLM series is located at 672 Keizersgracht in Amsterdam and was built in 1671 at the same time as the house next door. Architect Adriaen Dortsman was inspired by the style of classicism when he created his sober design for the fa?ade. Bentheim sandstone covers the entire exterior wall of the building. The first inhabitant of this house was Ferdinand Bol, Rembrandt's most famous student. In the middle of the eighteenth century, its interior was completely renovated. In 1884, the building was purchased by the Van Loon family. This family had played an important role in the city for centuries, one of its members having been one of the founders of the Dutch East India Company. Today, this house serves as a museum.
Old Mint Tavern _KLM Miniature n.84
House 84 is a replica of the historic Old Mint Tavern in Weert. It was here that Count Van Horne had his coins minted during the Eighty-Year War. The building has been a cafè-restaurant since 1974.
Penha Building _KLM Miniature n.85
The Penha Building (Heerenstraat 1, Curacao), located in the heart of historic Willemstad, was constructed in 1708 from bricks made in the IJssel region that had been used as ballast aboard ships of the Dutch West Insdies Company. The arched galleries on the fa?ade of the building were not added until later. After 1877, the building became the property of the Penha family that established its shop in the ground floor around 1903.

Until 1956, the first floor accommodated the 'Soci?teit de Gezelligheid', a social club where prominent members would meet on what it called the 'Balcony Overlooking the Harber'.

The Penha Building contributed much to placing Willemstad on the UNESCO World Heritage List and has been used for decades as an accommodation for the famous PENHA perfunery.
Penha Building
Spaarne 16 Haarlem _KLM Miniature n.86
Spaarne 16 Haarlem, Teylers Museum Spaarne 16 Haarlem
het peperhuis _KLM Miniature n.87
A house in Enkhuizen called 'het peperhuis' The VOC used this building for the trade of pepper from the 'east indies' currently part of the zuiderzee museum het peperhuis
Bols _KLM Miniature n.88
This is the place where BOLS started. The current building is no longer related to BOLS.
Bols _KLM Miniature n.89
The Secretarishuisje (town clerk.s house) at Muurhuizen 109 in Amersfoort. It was built in the first half of the 16th century on the foundations of the first wall.
Bols _KLM Miniature n.90
"Wester-Amstel" house in Amstelveen, one of the oldest surviving merchant.s houses in Holland.
Bols _KLM Miniature n.91
"Antilles House"Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary of the Nederlands Antilles.Badhuisweg 175 2597 JP The Hague
Bols _KLM Miniature n.92
'De Drie Haringen' from the Dutch city of Deventer. 'De Drie Haringen' means 'The Three Herrings' and is located on De Brink 55 in Deventer.
Bols _KLM Miniature n.93
The SieboldHuis in Leiden
Bols _KLM Miniature n.94
De Oudheidkamer,Den Burg
Bols _KLM Miniature n.95
Bols _KLM Miniature n.96
Bols _KLM Miniature n.97
Bols _KLM Miniature n.98
Bols _KLM Miniature n.99
Bols _KLM Miniature n.100
Bols _KLM Miniature n.101
This is the third asymmetric House after n.44 and 88. Funnily this is the third asymmetric house after n.44 and 88, with a symmetric Number!
Bols _KLM Miniature n.102